In June 2015, The Brookline Arts Center celebrated our 50th Anniversary and honored our founders, Mim and Barney Berliner, for their incredible vision and commitment to making art accessible for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. In 2017, the BAC was also pleased to begin honoring others who share Mim and Barney’s vision. The Berliner Award is presented each year to an individual for their support of the BAC’s mission and their own work in the community which embodies Mim and Barney’s leadership. The honorees receive the award at our annual ART Off The Wall Exhibition & Fundraiser.


2021: Camilø Álvårez

The BAC is thrilled to honor Camilø Álvårez in recognition of his deep commitment to our mission and support of the BAC’s gallery program. Álvårez is Owner/Director/Curator/Preparator of Samsøñ Projects, whose mission is to promote the work of emerging, established and under-recognized artists concentrating on exhibitions of local, national and international artists. Álvårez curated Red, White & Blue at the BAC in 2018, and a series of exhibitions, BODYMONOPOLIZINGPOLITICKING, at the BAC in 2021. Another exhibition is scheduled at Beacon Street Gallery in Summer 2021.

“I have a strong feeling for the need to hope and survive. These are the darkest times I hope I will ever have to endure. Tough times pass and tough people persist.” – Camilø Álvårez

2020: George Summers

In 2020, the BAC was thrilled to honor artist and BAC faculty member George Summers in recognition of his deep commitment to our mission and support of the BAC as a batik teacher for over 30 years.

“For the past 20 years  I have had, on and off, the same core group of students. We’ve all become friends and we’ve all shared in those special moments and highlights that make up a ‘life,’ the highs, the lows, births, deaths, joys, disappointments, good news, bad news, etcetera. This is what I miss the most right now during the COVID-19 quarantine. I miss our weekly interactions, not only in our batik making, but also in our catching up with our day-to-day lives. I truly cannot wait to get back into this.” – George Summers

2019: Senator Cynthia Stone Creem

In 2019, the BAC was thrilled to honor Senator Cynthia Stone Creem in recognition of her deep commitment to our mission and support of our Art and Autism program. Artwork by students in the program was featured during ART Off the Wall in 2019.

I love that the BAC is so inclusive and provides art opportunities to so many individuals in the community. I consider myself fortunate to be able to collaborate with the BAC and host local art displays by Brookline students who participate in the Art and Autism program. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop skills and express themselves and I’m delighted to be able to share their work at the State House.” – Senator Creem

2018: Julie S Graham

In 2018, the BAC was thrilled to honor artist and BAC board member Julie S Graham for her commitment to our mission and her contributions to our exhibitions, public art initiatives, and classes. From one of her first interactions with us in 2015, when she selected work for our first juried exhibition, to securing renowned jurors and building connections with other arts organizations and galleries, Julie’s contributions made a significant impact on the BAC and took our programs to another level. Sadly, Julie passed away in August 2018 and is dearly missed. We are so grateful for our time with her and the contributions she made to the BAC.

In addition to my passion for making and viewing art, I firmly believe in the power and importance of art education. Whether or not one becomes an artist, the skills developed in the process of making things are exponential.” – Julie S Graham

2017: Evelyn Berde and Karen Moss

In 2017, the BAC was thrilled to honor artists Evelyn Berde and Karen Moss with our inaugural Berliner Awards.

Evelyn Berde is a Brookline artist, art teacher, and friend. Evelyn has been very involved with the BAC and is extremely supportive. Her work with the BAC helped bring art into public housing and the community. Her generous donation of artwork to ART Off the Wall year after year and the spirit she brings to her many students of all ages in Brookline clearly capture all of the qualities of an ideal Berliner Award recipient.

Karen Moss is an artist living in Brookline with a studio in Allston. She is active on the Women and Girls Healing Arts Committee, and has generously donated to ART Off The Wall for several years. Karen worked with the BAC through Women and Girls Thriving in Brookline to develop programs in the arts for women and girls with limited income. She was instrumental to the program we offered at Lincoln School in collaboration with Steps to Success and Women and Girls Healing Arts Committee. Karen’s work has been exhibited widely in Brookline, Boston and beyond.