Our community outreach program, ARTreach, was established in 1997 to provide accessible art and cultural opportunities for low-income children, teens, adults and seniors. This program has been a valuable resource for our community and we are committed to deepening its impact.

ARTreach programs provide accessible arts and cultural opportunities for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We have developed and nurtured partnerships with Brookline Food Pantry, Brookline Housing Authority, Brookline Parks and Open Space, ParentChild+ and Women Thriving, Inc. to increase access and equity in the arts.

In partnership with Brookline Housing Authority and Brookline Food Pantry, we strive to break down barriers that families living in public housing face. We offer free educational art programs for residents of all ages onsite during BHA events and during Food Pantry hours.

Working with Brookline’s ParentChild+, we offer free art classes for low-income families. Our early childhood classes build fine-motor, auditory and observation skills, as well as ignite imagination and cultivate group socialization. Participating with a parent, other families and a skilled teacher engages children in an experience that supports school readiness, love of learning and social and emotional skills.

Partnering with Brookline Parks and Open Space, we frequently offer free art activities for families during park events throughout the year. These activities offer families the opportunity to explore and create art together.

Additionally, we provide over $14,000 in financial aid each year. For information about receiving financial aid for classes and workshops at the BAC, please visit our Financial Aid page.

The BAC understands the importance of responding to the needs of our community. Through all of our programs and partnerships, we strive to provide and foster opportunities for all members of our community to experience and create art, contributing to a healthier, happier and thriving community.